Are you feeling 

burned out, 

beaten down, 

belittled or 

bullied on the job?

You’re not alone.

An epidemic of incivility infects most healthcare workplaces. In fact, it’s probably the “disease” causing your symptoms!  Embracing civility is the cure.

REAL healthcare reform lies in reversing the culture of incivility in the workplace. Our book gives you targeted, action-oriented information and specific exercises to help you understand the incivility epidemic, why it is happening and what you can do right now to make it stop.

Whats InsideAuthor

Whats Inside

The Real Healthcare Reform: How Embracing Civility Can Beat Back Burnout and Revive Your Healthcare Career is a step-by-step action plan that leads readers on a personal journey toward changing their outlook, improving their professional relationships and reviving their healthcare careers. It offers the tactics and strategies you need to put civility to work and start cleaning up the toxic atmosphere at your job.

Topics covered in the book include how to:

  • Enhance your self-awareness.
  • Showcase your personal and professional integrity. 
  • Build strong professional relationships. 
  • Get along with co-workers, despite your differences. 
  • Eliminate gossip and bullying in the workplace. 
  • Prevent and/or resolve conflicts with co-workers. 
  • Deal with extreme incivility at work. 
  • Change your workplace for the better...for you, your patients and for all the employees who come after you.


"This book zeroes in on the importance of teamwork and professional integrity. It opens up important conversations about negative attitudes, burnout and incivility, and in doing so, inspires everyone to make a difference and become more influential."

Judy Larkins, RN CNA Educator, 
Mayland Community College

About The Author

Linda Leekley BS, RN is the CEO and founder of In the Know, a premier provider of caregiver training. Linda began her nursing career working in research oncology at Duke University Medical Center. Years later, she transitioned to home health nursing and staff development. Before establishing In the Know, Linda served as the corporate clinical educator for a national home health company. She has devoted the last two decades of her career to the educational needs of frontline caregivers.

Linda's passion for nurse aide education makes In the Know the leader in caregiver training solutions. Under her guidance, In the Know training programs are written by registered nurses with caregivers in mind, focusing on their unique responsibilities, duties, experience, and education. Linda’s mission is to continue to promote and support the professionalism of caregivers everywhere, so that home care agencies can direct their time and resources toward expanding their business.


"I wish this book was around when I was a home care administrator. I would have made it required reading for all my employees! Dealing with the drama between employees wastes time and can suck the energy out of the best manager. This book puts the focus on each individual, shining a light on how each of us might contribute to a toxic work atmosphere…and how we can fix it."

Rhonda N., RN 


Civility training in the healthcare workplace is more than 
just a course in professional conduct, although, professional 
conduct is the goal! Civility training teaches:

  • Self-awareness
  • Personal and professional integrity
  • Communication skills
  • A sense of ownership in the workplace
  • Personal empowerment to solve problems with energy, 
    creativity and enthusiasm

Civility training in healthcare settings has the potential to improve patient care, strengthen team relationships and create an atmosphere that energizes and inspires those who are in it. Healthcare professionals who embrace civility are less likely to quit or “job hop,” and are less likely to burn out, bully or “eat their young!”

Ready to deliver a comprehensive 
civility training program within 
your workplace?

What's included in the Civility Training Program?

The presentation materials are designed to go hand-in-hand with the book, “The REAL Healthcare Reform.”  You'll receive enough books for everyone in your organization, along with the Companion Instructor’s Manual which includes:

  • Engaging classroom activities.
  • Enlightening PowerPoint presentations.
  • Thought provoking discussion questions.
  • Tips for improving participation in discussions.
  • Suggestions to keep your organized and energized.
  • Fun and challenging “5 minute quizzes” to test your learners’ knowledge following each lesson.
  • Master copies of all the handouts, quizzes and PowerPoint presentations on CD.

Keep in mind, the content in this program is appropriate for EVERYONE in your organization, both clinical and non-clinical. Please order a package that includes enough books to teach everyone you want 
to reach!



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